At Holy Trinity an important element of our teaching of reading and writing is synthetic phonics. This means that at the centre of all children’s learning are the 44 spoken sounds of English and the way they are represented in print (the alphabetic code).  Right from the start, children learn the key skills of blending (putting sounds together to read a whole word) and segmenting (breaking a word up into its individual constituent sounds so that it can be written down).  We hold regular workshops for parents to explain the philosophy and methods of our phonics teaching.

There is a carefully structured program of teaching which the children work through systematically. All teachers and assistants are trained in the methods that we use to ensure consistency of approach. When children experience persistent difficulties, they are given specific extra teaching to target their weaknesses.

The hard work of children, families and staff at Holy Trinity was recognised in the letters we received from David Laws MP and Nick Gibb MP. Both letters praise the successful start that children have at Holy Trinity evidenced by the consistently strong phonics test results.

Early Years