We aim for all children to develop a level of mastery in maths. We see the need for children to be confident, independent learners who feel successful.  We strive to develop enthusiasm, interest and creativity in maths and recognise the need to provide challenging and investigative tasks.  We recognise the importance of allowing children to practise their mathematical skills within meaningful contexts which relate to everyday life.  We have high realistic expectations of all our children.

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 follow the National Curriculum which is divided into the following areas;

  • Using and applying maths
  • Number
  • Shape, space and measures
  • Data Handling

From September 2017 onwards, Years 1 – 4 will all be following Maths Mastery principles. This programme of study has “mathematical problem-solving at the heart of our approach. Pupils are encouraged to identify, understand and apply relevant mathematical principles and make connections between different ideas. This builds the skills needed to tackle new problems, rather than simply repeating routines without grasping the principles.”

The Maths Mastery team came in to see Year 3. They did fantastically and you can see their video here:

Take a look at these maths strategy videos made by Miss Storey:

Maths Videos