We aim to develop an understanding of the past, firstly through the knowledge of personal history, which is then extended to include the social origins of the UK and the world.  Children are taught how to research information and taught the importance of presenting information about the past in a variety of ways.  We aim that all children develop the ability to reason and gain an understanding of the chronology of time.  The National Curriculum content covers the following areas, through which knowledge, appropriate skills and correct use of vocabulary from a historical perspective are developed:

Key Stage 1 children are taught about changes in their own lives and those of other people from the past.  They are also taught about the lives of famous men and women and past events of different types.

Key Stage 2 children will be taught six core units selected from the following areas:

  • Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings in Britain (one in depth)
  • Life in Tudor times
  • Victorian Britain or Britain since 1930
  • Ancient Greece
  • Local History
  • A European Study

Year 5 home learning project - Anglo Saxon houses