Our aim is to ensure that all children use geographical enquiry and skills when developing their knowledge and understanding of places, patterns and processes and environmental change and sustainable development.  The National Curriculum content enables teachers to ensure that the highest standards are planned for and achieved throughout the school.  The children will study the following:

Geographical Enquiry
  • Ask questions
  • Make observations and recordings
  • Express their own views about people, places and environment
Geographical skills
  • Use geographical vocabulary
  • Use fieldwork skills
  • Use globes, maps and plans
  • Make maps and plans
  • Locality of school
  • A contrasting locality in the UK
  • A locality in a less economically developed country
  • A locality in the EU
  • Water
  • Environment
  • Settlement

The children work from primary sources (eg visits/ surveys) and secondary sources (eg books, videos, computer programs etc) and are enabled to present their work in a variety of ways.  Careful planning is aimed at achieving the highest standards possible throughout the school.  All children are given opportunities to participate in field trips either for a day or longer during school journey week.