At Holy Trinity School, we recognise and value the importance of parental involvement in the life of the school. It is what you do, rather than who you are, that counts, and your involvement can be a powerful force in your child’s education. We also recognise that you have busy lives, and that you should not feel guilty about this!

Throughout this website, we use the term ‘parent’ to refer to parents, guardians and carers. Education is a collaboration between families, staff and children. At Holy Trinity, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a positive and effective relationship between school and your home. We are fortunate to have strongly supportive parents and you are always welcome here. We value your contributions and hope that you will feel included as part of this community. Like any healthy relationship, we must keep working on it. To this end, Holy Trinity School has a named member of staff with responsibility for Parent Partnership: Kieran Parsons. We have also developed some key action points, and hope to engage with parents over the next few months, to see how we can build on our strengths, identify any possible gaps, and strengthen our school community that is everyone involved in the life of Holy Trinity School. 

Working together with parents at Holy Trinity, our ambitions are:

To actively involve parents in the education and progress of their child, by:

  • Offering two parents evenings for each year group each year
  • Sending annual written reports at the end of each year
  • Holding “Bring a Parent to School” days.

To actively involve parents in the life of our school, by inviting parents to: 

  •  Attend assemblies, performances, events and celebrations 
  •  Have a voice and participate in organising events for our school

To develop good communication to fully inform parents about what is happening in school by

  • Making letters, school prospectus and key policies “user friendly”, useful and informative
  • Promoting and using the internet and e-media as an effective tool of communication
  • Sending regular whole school newsletters containing information such as dates and events
  • Holding parents’ evenings in the Autumn and spring terms
  • Displaying key information on the school website and around school

To make good use of parents’ expertise and willingness to contribute to the learning and life in Holy Trinity, we will be encouraging parents to:

  • Volunteer to support within classrooms and/or become parent governors
  • Attend school trips
  • Become involved in school projects
  • Participate in learning events organised by the school (spellings phonics, etc)
  • Use opportunities to have informal discussions with staff members

To understand the views and opinions of parents and act upon them:

  • Hold an annual parental questionnaire and inform parents of the results
  • Ask parents to evaluate key events in school
  • Seek parental consultation on key issues in school Establish a Parent Partnership Group, including parent reps

We are very pleased to receive offers of help from parents. Examples of help we would welcome would be: cooking, hearing children read, reading to children, assisting with art and technology work, particularly computers, accompanying teachers on school trips out. Parents who would like to offer help should contact the school secretary or their child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Members of staff are pleased to see parents informally, about any issue regarding their child’s education - the best time for this is at the end of the school day. If the discussion may be a lengthy one, parents should seek to make an appointment. This should be done directly with the class teacher, via the hoe school communication book, or through the office. Should a parent want an appointment with the Head Teacher, this can be arranged by telephoning or calling into the school office.

Please remember that out teachers are busy trying to do the very best for your child in Holy Trinity. While might not always be able to help you immediately, we will try to help you find answers and solutions for you as quickly as we can.