Collective Worship & Prayer

We have collective worship five times a week. In our diverse school, we ensure that all children can participate during this period of peace and refection. All children are invited to pray or contemplate in their unique way.

The children and staff have an opportunity to contribute personal prayers from home. These are shared in assembly and displayed on our prayer trees thereafter.

In assemblies children focus on the core shared virtues which underpin our Christian ethos. Assemblies follow the Christian calendar exploring main events and themes throughout the year. Assembly themes also incorporate national and international events which encourage the children to develop a broader understanding of the world and deepen their sense of a shared responsibility.

We try to give our children many opportunities to demonstrate our core virtues and affirm their commitment by celebrating their successes in our Achievement Assemblies and in our classrooms. We regularly organise annual whole-school fundraising events and activities to support specific charities and we ensure that we respond to local or national needs as they arise.

"Collective Worship is central to the life of the school and makes an outstanding contribution to the school’s Christian distinctiveness and ethos which children, staff, governors and parents agree. Children enjoy the wide range of opportunities for collective worship and prayer. Children commented enthusiastically ‘we pray every day!"

School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you Lord for this fine day,
With the fall of the moon and the rise of the sun,
Stay with us in times of need.

Bless us for every day,
In all the challenges we may face,
In all we strive for day by day. 

Thank you Lord for the days of the week,
The weeks of the months,
And the months of the years. 

Thank you for who I am. 


The Year 6 children who wrote the school prayer.

Holy Trinity Worship

Prayer Hearts

Every week a child in each class writes a short prayer or reflective thought  at home with their family on a prayer heart.  This is shared in assembly and displayed on our prayer trees.

The London Diocesan Board for Schools Service 2018

St Paul’s 2018 school’s service, in attendance Key Stage 2 school council.