House Teams

All pupils from Years 1 to 6 are placed into one of our four houses. The house teams are named after planets. They are Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury.

The aim of our house team system is to promote positive behaviour, attitudes to learning and personal achievements. The children are rewarded house points by members of staff when they follow our school’s A (Always try your best), B (Be kind to others), C (Care for our school) rules.

In Key Stage 2 house points are recorded on a chart in each classroom. These are added up at the end of each week by the Year Six House Captains to be announced during Fridays’ Achievement Assemblies. The top scorers from each house are asked to stand up in assembly and receive applause.

The winning house is announced and the winning team receive a team trophy which is displayed in the school halls. The children in the winning house with the top scores also receive a trophy sticker.

The child with the highest number of house points in the winning team will receive an additional trophy to keep in their classroom for the week ahead and an individual medal.

Our children have created their own chants which they sing in assembly when they are the winning house! In Key Stage 1, the children collect house points throughout the week. The staff add up the house points and the scores are read out during Fridays’ Achievement Assembly. All the children in the winning house receive a gold medal sticker.


House Colour: Blue
House Captain: 
Head of House: Miss Walker


House Colour: Yellow
House Captain: 
Head of House: Ms Nabi


House Colour: Red
House Captain: 
Head of House: Mr Broughton


House Colour: Green
House Captain: 
Head of House: Miss Griffith