Sports Premium

We aim to build our children’s self-esteem, persistence, stamina and personal-challenge by fostering lifelong positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles and through the delivery of PE.

We ensure this by providing maximum experience in the following National Curriculum areas:


  • Dance activities
  • Games activities
  • Gymnastic activities


  • Dance activities
  • Games activities
  • Gymnastic activities
  • Swimming activities and water safety in Chelsea Baths
  • Athletic activities in Battersea Park and West Way Sports Centre
  • Outdoor and adventurous activities including horse riding in Hyde Park

Each year group covers 2 of these units per half-term.  The timetable should include/expose children to 2 hours of quality PE per week. We involve children in a combination of competitive and non-competitive physical activity in school and further afield by taking full advantage of local sports events.

We have regular contact with sports agencies and use their expertise to enhance our physical education programme. 

The schools PE Grant is used to enhance and enrich the children’s physical opportunities through:

  • Hakinakina (specialist coaching PE support) in year 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Training staff
  • Raising levels of physical activity throughout the school

Children also have the opportunity to participate in Mytime Active (MEND) health, well-being and nutrition programme. The children in Years 1 and 4 work with specialist coaches to develop physical skills and knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyle choices.

Children are taught the importance of wearing appropriate PE uniform at all times for the purpose of health, safety and hygiene.

The Government has continued to support the development/profile of PE within primary schools with the PE and Sports Grant. In 2016-17 Holy Trinity Primary School received £8870.  In 2017/18 Holy Trinity is anticipating that PE Grant will be £14044. Further details about how the funding was spent can be found in the document below.

Primary Sports Festival November 22nd 2017 - Year 5