Diocesan Fund

We are a church school and do not receive any direct government funding for premises. As such we ask our parents to contribute £30 per year for each child at school. This money is used by the Governors to pay contributions to building projects and equipment initiatives for the school. For every £1 of voluntary contribution we can apply for additional funding for large projects which turns your £1 into £10.

These contributions are voluntary. This Fund has helped the school to redevelop in 2007. Last year, we resurfaced Cadogan and Sedding Street playgrounds and replaced the boilers. Next year, we have to upgrade our wifi system, repoint the playground exterior walls, improve ventilation in Cadogan and Sedding communal areas.

We are also able to pay for support from the LDBS (London Diocese Board for Schools) a dedicated body of educational professionals to support staff training, mentoring and advisory services. We are further supported by their policy development service and programmes of study.

You can make payments in a number of ways: annually or termly in cash or through our online payment system, School Gateway.  The suggested voluntary contributions is:

  • £30 per academic year per child or £10 per term per child

We greatly appreciate all voluntary contributions, however small, as they help us to enhance and development your childrens’ learning environment.